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math question using matlab

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garry lyon
garry lyon on 16 May 2021
Closed: Jan on 16 May 2021
anyone know how to answer these questions using matlab
a = 13;
c = 17;
k = 2*pi/3;
theta = 0:0.0001:2*pi;
b = a*cos(theta) + sqrt(c^2 - a^2*sin(theta).^2)
db/dtheta = - a*sin(theta) - (a^2*cos(theta).*sin(theta))./(c^2 - a^2*sin(theta).^2).^(1/2)
Using your answers to the previous items, determine the angle θ when the shaft is moving at its fastest. What is that largest speed?
How many seconds does it take for the contraption to return to its original state?

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