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How to fix error : unrecognized token in Cuda code with nvcc compiler

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I wrote this simple code Cuda in Notepad, which I followed in example:
_global_ void add1( double * pi, double c ) { *pi += c; }
>>then I run it on command line in the current directory: nvcc I received error with a lot of line "error : unrecognized token"
I don't know what is it and how to fix it. Please help me! I use Cuda 5.0, GPU 720M with Cuda-capable 2.0 Thanks!

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Ben Tordoff
Ben Tordoff am 26 Jul. 2013
There are two problems with what you have attempted, one just a typo and the solution to the other will depend on what you are trying to do. First the typo: you are missing an underscore from each side of the global decorator - they should be double underscores:
__global__ void add1(double * pi, double c)
*pi += c;
Now the more important question: what are you trying to achieve? If you are trying to create a PTX file for use with parallel.gpu.CUDAKernel then you need to compile to PTX:
$ nvcc -ptx -arch=sm_20 <filename>.cu
which will procude <filename>.ptx. If you are trying to make a standalone executable then you need to also define a main function as you would for any C++ program.
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HongTu Nguyen
HongTu Nguyen am 29 Jul. 2013
Here is my code (I wrote it following the instruction of website:
__global__ void add1( double * pi, double c )
*pi += c;
I saved it in notepad named: Then I compiled it in command line, with command:
>>nvcc -ptx
or I try to use your command:
>>nvcc -ptx -arch=sm_20
It has the same error, and the error shows the same picture I've posted.
I do what's wrong? Please help me.
HongTu Nguyen
HongTu Nguyen am 29 Jul. 2013
Bearbeitet: HongTu Nguyen am 29 Jul. 2013
Oh...I'm sorry...I'm so silly...
I've created the new notepad file and wrote it again myself.
And it's ok!
I think the old file I copy from website, so it had something wrong :(
Many thanks for your help!
Then...I have question:
**The command: nvcc -ptx -arch=sm_20 <>
What "-arch=sm_20" mean?
**And when I compile by command: nvcc -ptx <> (not -arch=sm_20), it still creates test.ptx file.
>>so what is difference?
**And then, when I compile by command: nvcc <>, it has error look like:

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