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read multiple images contained in a proprietary microscope file

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arnold on 24 Jul 2013
I'd like to extract several images that are contained in an Olympus *.LEXT file. A HEX Editor quickly revealed, there are several files just thrown together in this one file. I figures I use imfinfo to gain some more information and it finds 5 images contained in the file, thus returns a struct with five entries.
My question now is:
How can I extract all those images? Using imread on the file only loads the first image file. Is there a readily available function that solves this, do I have to dissect the file manually somehow? My guess would be that via the exact image locations in the file are somehow given by StripOffsets and StripByteCounts but I don't know if that is actually the case nor do I have a clue how to extract the data then.
I'm kinda stuck here, I'd appreciate any advice.
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arnold on 24 Jul 2013
Found a solution myself. imread provides everything I needed. This code extracts all the images like a charm:
info = imfinfo(file);
A = imread(file, 1, 'Info', info);
B = imread(file, 2, 'Info', info);
C = imread(file, 3, 'Info', info);
D = imread(file, 4, 'Info', info);
E = imread(file, 5, 'Info', info);

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