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Neural Network Fitting Finding Desired points

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Owen Dominguez
Owen Dominguez am 14 Mai 2021
Beantwortet: Vineet Joshi am 17 Mai 2021
Dear community;
First, very new to neural networks. That being said, I have used feedforwardnet() and train() to fit curves before. What I want to do not is to use a neural network to help me find specific points on the curve.
Imagine, I would like to find everytime, regardless of position or high that abrupt change (see image below). I know there are traditional ways to do that but I am interested in the neural network approach so I can apply it to other situations.
Thanks for your help.

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Vineet Joshi
Vineet Joshi am 17 Mai 2021
Essentially the curve you shared is in the form of a sequential data starting from x=0.
Since you need to find point where there is an abrupt change, you can think of this problem as classifying time steps in a sequential data, where each time step would fall under two classes: Abrupt change or not.
You can refer, the following example to look at this approach in more detail.
Hope this helps.

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