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Manuel on 23 Jul 2013
I have a dataset array which contains doubles and strings and I would like to search by variable names(columns) the intersection between two of this columns. I have try with the following code, where cond1 is a double and cond2 a string, result_test is the dataset array.
list1 = find(result_test.Temp, cond1)% find the value cond1 in column Temp
list2 = find(result_test.Chip, cond2)% find the value cond2 in column Chip
result_data = intersect (list1, list2)%%find intersection
But I got the next problem:
Undefined function 'find' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
I think the problem is a mistmacth between the data to find and the content on the dataset.
I would really graceful if somebody could help me, thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 23 Jul 2013
list1 = find(strcmp(result_test.Temp, cond1))
Manuel on 23 Jul 2013
Thank you very much! It works.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 23 Jul 2013
by the error message you get, it seems you are trying to apply find to a cell array, which can not be done. Make sure your data comes in the right form before applying find.

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