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How to read specific data from website?

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Hjodie on 10 May 2021
Answered: Hjodie on 10 May 2021
Hello, I'm trying to read current ETF price from website and get it on my workspace.
For example, let's take a look at this page " " . It is HSBC Gold Fund on current Turkish market. Anyway..
I'm aiming to read data shown below,
When I take a look at the "view-source:" from website. The value is always in the same line no matter which fund you are looking for. It is in the 356th line.
Of course, I will need to get rid of the <span> and </span> around our value too.
I'm still on search, I will try to update this question If i come out with an answer to myself.
It is good to be newbie ...

Accepted Answer

Hjodie on 10 May 2021
"URL Filter" add-on from file exchange solved my problem. I am leaving link below for those who would encounter same problem as I do.

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