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exporting from matlab to excel

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joseph Frank
joseph Frank am 14 Jul. 2013
I have 236 vectors and arrays named A, B, C.....etc... Some of them are cell arrays and some of them are double vectors. How can I export the data to excel in one sheet where the order of variables is alphabetical? mixing arrays and vectors are a challenge to me as well as exporting them alphabetically in one sheet.
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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek am 14 Jul. 2013
What is the size of these cell arrays ?
joseph Frank
joseph Frank am 24 Jul. 2013
Each vector or array is 140 rows

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Narges M
Narges M am 24 Jul. 2013
Bearbeitet: Narges M am 24 Jul. 2013
use this example:
A = {1;2;3;4};
B = [9;8;7;6];
C = {5;6;7;8};
D = [5;4;3;2];
for i='A':'D'
eval(sprintf('last = length(%s);', i));
eval(sprintf('xlswrite(''C:\\test.xls'',%s,1,''%s1: %s%d'');',i,i,i,last));

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Darin McCoy
Darin McCoy am 15 Jul. 2013
I recommend creating sample data so users can mess with what you're working with


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