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I am finding the specific word 'group 1' into the multiple strings LIST represented by multiple cells (n,1:3) where the words ' group 1' is contained in the second column: (n,2).
I am using the following line code: Index = find(contains(LIST{1}(:,2),'group1');
It works to identify all the rows tnumbers hat contain the word 'group 1', but unfortunately these numbers includes also the lnes that contains 'group 10' , 'group 11', 'group 12' etc.
There is a way to selectively extracs the specific lines for 'group 1' excluding the others with the above different letters?
Thank You very much for an help.

Accepted Answer

Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri on 6 May 2021
You can use matches function instead of contains function to get the correct index.I have attached a sample code
C = {'rand10','rand11','text','text10','rand1'};
Index = find(matches(C,'rand1'))
Index = 5
Hope this helps

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