how to load costum layers from workspace to netwrok in dep network designer app without losing existing network?

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I have created a network in deep network designer app and would like to add a costume layer that I created and is the workspace.
When I follow the instructions in the tutorial on how to import custom layers
it says that I should click on New->From Workspace->*choose the desired layer*->ok
but when i do that, it replaces my network with the new one instead of adding the layer to the existing network.

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati am 13 Mai 2021
I understand that you are trying to use this functionality in R2020a version. However, this workflow was added in MATLAB R2020b version. Unfortunately, there is no known workaround to achieve this workflow till R2020a version.
I would recommend you to update your MATLAB version to R2020b or later.
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ytzhak goussha
ytzhak goussha am 16 Mai 2021
Thank you,
Here is how I do this
First, I add a "filler layer" to my network (any layer) and export the network to the workspace.
I then load my desired costum layer to the workspace (costumLayer).
Next, I replace the filler-layer with the new layer and create a graph (network)
new_lgraph = replaceLayer(exported_lgraph,"filler layer",costumLayer)
Finally, I load the new graph with the app.

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