Converting Cell to Matrix to use Max Function

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Hello! I have a cell array of dimensions 1x1121, and I need the find the maximum value contained in this array. Since the max function only works on matrices, I was hoping to convert this cell array into a matrix. However, I keep getting an error on the dimensions when I use cell2mat. I have also tried using cell2mat(cellArray(1,:)) and as well initializing a matrix of the same dimensions to put the values (which are of type double into). Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 25 May 2011
MYCELL = {magic(3) magic(5) magic(6)}
mx = cellfun(@(x) max(x(:)),MYCELL)
mx has the maximum element for each individual cell. If you need the overall maximum, use MAX on mx.
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 25 May 2011
Just to have an easy example to show you. No particular reason.

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