TiledLayout fill with for loops

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Alessandro Togni
Alessandro Togni on 27 Apr 2021
Commented: Alessandro Togni on 28 Apr 2021
i have NumberOfPlots plots and i want to fill ceil(width(deltas_table)/15) objects of the type tiledlayout(5,3) with those plots. Deltas_table is my dataset.
That's were am i:
% Create tiles
for i=1:NumberOfTiles
tiles=[tiles, tiledlayout(5,3)];
for n=1 : NumberOfTiles
for i=1 : width(deltas_table)
figure ;
plot(deltas_table{:, i});
Then i would save those 5x3 figures without any plot visualization.
I'm not forced to use those function or methods, so i'm willing to say solutions of any kind.
Thank you in advance,

Answers (1)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 27 Apr 2021
f = figure;
t = tiledlayout(f,5,3);
for ii = 1:15
Alessandro Togni
Alessandro Togni on 28 Apr 2021
I'm sorry, but it is not.
I have N plots corresponding to N different channels and i want to gather those plots on M 5x3 tiledlayout.
My previous post contains an example:
N=54 channels -- > N=54 plots to distribute
54=15+15+15+9, so i need M=4 5x3 tiledlayout objects to do the trick.
I want my code, given the 54 plots, to create:
  • figure 1 containing plots 1 to 15
  • figure 2 containing plots 16 to 30
  • figure 3 containing plots 31 to 45
  • figure 4 containign plots 45 to 54

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