How to save Simulink model as picture?

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I have a simulink model. i want to save that model into different picture formats like .jpeg, .tif etc.. Is it possible?

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Harish Balaga
Harish Balaga on 3 Jul 2013
ModelName % to open the model
to save ModelName.mdl in TIFF format. Image name will be model.tiff
Bryce Moyers
Bryce Moyers on 18 Sep 2018
It will get saved to your current working directory

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breathi on 18 Feb 2019
Since maybe others will stumble upon this thread:
I simply used "File > Print > Print" or (Ctrl+P)
which will print a high resolution PDF of the systems you want.
Jérôme on 13 Feb 2023
If you want this to be automatic, a PDF can also be generated with the print function:
print('-sModelName', '-dpdf', 'model.pdf')

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 3 Jul 2013

colin yang
colin yang on 7 Dec 2016


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