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How to open file array with fopen?

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Jacky am 1 Jul. 2013
Hi, I have a list of files that look like this:
J={'File1', 'File2', 'File3'}
It is not possible to open the file using fopen this way:
for i=1:length(J)
fid=fopen('J(1)', 'r')
%Some algorithms here...
Is there any possible way to use fopen by using looping? It seems like it only accepts the actual file name. Please help. Thanks!

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Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan am 1 Jul. 2013
You just need to index into J properly. J looks to be a cell array so you need to use curly brackets.
Try replacing your fopen line with this
fid = fopen(J{i},'r');
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Jacky am 1 Jul. 2013
It works. I thought I did that and it it didn't work. It must be something that I missed earlier on. Thank you so much for pointing that out for me.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 1 Jul. 2013


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