How can i sum up 56-year daily precipitation data from APHRODITE (netcdf file) into monthly?

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A good day to you. I am here asking on your expertise to please lend me your hand or rather mind in solving my not-so-complicated matlab problem, so here it goes.
My problem this time is that i don't know how to sum-up the daily precipitation in their respective months from my Aphrodite data. I am so confused and out-of- ideas as to how can I exract or formulate my needed data. Please lend me your expertise.
I have the following data:
lon = 60x1 double
lat = 80x1 double
date = 20819x6 double (Daily data from January 1 of 1951 to December 31 2007)
precip = 60x80x20816 double
My ultimate goal is to group them (daily data) into their monthly form.

Answers (1)

Stephan on 17 Apr 2021
If you organize your data in a timetable you can use retime to sum up monthly.


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