Problem with vision.VideoFileReader

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Indra am 26 Jun. 2013
Beantwortet: shubha p am 20 Feb. 2017
Hello, I am using MATLAB R2011b and trying to use the toolbox of Computer Vision System. However, I found a problem that confuse me. I am using the syntac:
vision.VideoFileReader, but when I run the program, it showed me this notification and others.
">> playvid Undefined function 'dspmmfileinfo' for input arguments of type 'char'."
What is actually the problem? Im trying to look up on my toolbox system and it seems all okay. I tried to google to find out the solution, but no exact solution found. Anyone knows what the problem is?
Thank you.

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shubha p
shubha p am 20 Feb. 2017
but iam getting Undefined variable "vision" or class "vision.VideoFileReader".

Nitin am 26 Jun. 2013
Bearbeitet: John Kelly am 27 Mai 2014
Try running this code using the shaky_car video inbuilt in Matlab and see if it works:
videoFReader = vision.VideoFileReader('shaky_car.avi');
videoPlayer = vision.VideoPlayer;
If it works, it probably means your file type is not supported or corrupted


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