Neural Network error in train

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Tonu on 22 Jun 2013
Hi friends,
I get the following error while trying to use neural network toolbox in matlab. I am new to its use, thereby any help would be crucial.
Here are my codes
Basically I have a vector (1X75) as the input and to it I have two outputs, thereby I have created one loop to repeat the same value to for each input. *
I get the following error :
Error using trainlm (line 109)
Input data size does not match net.inputs{1}.size. *
% My codes
load data
I=data'; % 1 X 75 row vector
for i = 1 : length(data)
z(1,i) = 0.0029;
h(1,i) = 20;
O= [z;h]; % 2 X 75 vector
R=[0 1; 0 30 ]; % limits for the two ouput values
S=[5 2]; % No of inner and output neurons
net = newff(R,S,{'tansig','purelin'});

Accepted Answer

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 25 Jun 2013
NEWFF interprets R as the limits of a two dimensional input; NOT an output.
use minmax(I) instead of R.
Thank you for formally accepting my answer
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Tonu on 26 Jun 2013
Thank you Greg for pointing my mistake.

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