I want to eliminate the margins of Axes, but it doesn't work.

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cnrvx732 am 8 Apr. 2021
Beantwortet: cnrvx732 am 8 Apr. 2021
I tried to remove the left and right margins with the following code, but it did not work.
I have set the width of the OuterPosition minus the margins on both sides of the TightInset to the Position, but the left margin does not disappear. Why is this?
When I moved the plot with the mouse, it was exactly the same width as the figure.
In the attached image, the margins are colored for clarity.
ax = gca;

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cnrvx732 am 8 Apr. 2021
I was solved this problem by inserting following code.

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Jan am 8 Apr. 2021
Try to set the 'Position' property instead:
figure('Color', 'y')
ax = gca;
ax.Position(1) = 0;
ax.Position(3) = 1;
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cnrvx732 am 8 Apr. 2021
Thank you for your answer. I want to keep the tick labels and remove the useless margin. I can certainly do this by changing Position(1) and forcing the OuterPosition frame to be hidden outside the Figure, but is it possible to keep the OuterPosition frame inside the Figure and change the Position frame to eliminate the blank space?

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