Using M2HTML with Matlab's "Display Custom Documentation"

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David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 18 Jun 2013
Hi! Is any one aware of a package that supplements M2HTML to make its output "DCD-ready"? (I ran M2HTML on my code, and though the output is very impressive, well-formatted, and useful, and the index.html it makes, when output to the proper place, does enable the Help Browser to see the package as "Supplemental Software" and open an index page for the package, that's it: it doesn't (appear to) create anything else that Matlab's DCD functionality requires for it to be "plug and play.") Or does anyone know of anyone working to add this functionality to M2HTML? (Note: I intend to ask M2HTML's author directly as well--unless he replies here first, of course; I just figured if I started by asking a larger audience, I might be more likely to get a positive response.)
Thanks for reading.
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David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 18 Jun 2013
I think I need to correct myself somewhat: it does appear that if you put the html files M2HTML generates in the prescribed place, and add the list of them to the DCD-required helptoc.xml file, that appears to be all that's necessary for these two things to "play nice" w/ each other. But then, that merely causes me to recast my question as: does any one know of a supplement to M2HTML (or know someone who's working on one) that would automate the creation and proper placement of the DCD-required loc.xml and helptoc.xml files? Thanks again!

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