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How can i get depth data from kinect in matlab?

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Laila Kazemi
Laila Kazemi am 13 Jun. 2013
Beantwortet: Amin am 26 Aug. 2023
I am confused all i can get is a video of depth, there is no info on how to obtain actual distances
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Minseop Park
Minseop Park am 2 Jan. 2014
[depthImage, ~, ~] = getdata(depthVid); You can get the frame of the video and the frame is filled with unsigned 16bit data. Actual distance value from the camera is data millimeters.

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Amin am 26 Aug. 2023
can you get actual distanse?
I want to calculate distane with kinect xbox360. the depth data is avalible but isn't correct (the distance isn't true). how can solve this problem.

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