How do I correlate a scalar value to a dropdown menu item?

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I am trying to code a takeoff performance calculator tool. The user needs to select the type of engine installed on the aircraft (IAE or CFM in this case) so that the app can run the code with the appropriate max thrust. I have therefore set up the app to do the following:
However, this yields the following result:
which means that now only "IAE" has an ItemData value, which is "1,2". I thought I could put a temporary fix to this by having the user input "1" from the dropdown menu as the IAE engine type and "2" as the CFM engine type, then figure out later what is going on. However, I quickly noticed that in this line of code here, the "If" condition is never met, because further down the code, "Thrust" simply cannot be found. What am I doing wrong?
if app.EnginesDropDown.Value==1
elseif app.EnginesDropDown.Value==2

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 27 Mar 2021
Leave the Value field empty, it will be the first value of Items. For ItemsData, use a new row to define ItemsData for each entry of Items.
When you click on ItemsData, it should look like this
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Mariano Longo
Mariano Longo on 27 Mar 2021
Thanks for your help, I tried that, didn't work, however installing the newest version of Matlab fixed it

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