Table consist of strings and numerics

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Hello, I saw this response to the above question
>>A = {'a','b'}';
>> B = {1,3}';
>> T = table(A,B);
>> disp(T)
_____ _____
{'a'} {[1]}
{'b'} {[3]}
>> T.A{1}
ans =
I wanted to use the same approach to create a table like / or any other suitable approach
0 00
1 01
2 11
3 101
4 1001
5 10001
6 100001
where 0 - 6 are the table index in numerics, and 00 to 100001 are some binary code I want to be a string.
Now using your code above if I print T.A{1}
My results come with quotes, ' '
For my application I want for example to output to be a concatenated string say for index 3 (101) and index 1 (01) in that order,
i.e. 10101
for the example above, the code below will output '101''01'
Please help on how I can resolve this.

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Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 24 Mar 2021
Once you setup the table, you can use sprintf to create the concatenated string. You would have to decide how will passing the index values.
Here is some example code:
% Setup the values for the table
% Indices
A = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6}';
% Binary values for the second column
B = {"00","01","11","101","1001","10001","100001"}';
% Create the Table
T = table(A,B);
% Print the concatenated string with the respective indices


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