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Albert Yam

Is it possible to override the mex32 check during code generation?

Asked by Albert Yam
on 4 Jun 2013
Matlab 2007a, Simulink 6.6.1
I have run into a situation where we have an s-function(mex32) generated from some source code. The code was later updated but the mex32 was not (mistakenly). However, during code generation there were no errors, and no warnings. The code crashes and we traced the problem to the misaligned mex32/source code.
Is there a way during code generation to override the mex32 with the source code, or not use the mex32 in the code generation?


Are you generating code for an ert/grt target? If yes, are you saying that the generated executable/library calls into the stale 32-bit MEX-file? Also, do you not have a TLC file associated with your S-function (in other words, is it non-inlined)?
This is for a grt target. Yes, the generated executable/library is calling the stale mex32. Are you talking about the [Inline parameters] Optimization? That option has not worked for us, so is unchecked (so non-inlined?).
No, I meant the "Support non-inlined S-functions" checkbox on the Interface pane. I'm confused about how the generated code calls into the MEX-file, could you paste the call to it from the generated code?

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