Matlab "more" command: "q" doesn't always quit

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FM on 11 Mar 2021
Commented: Jon Lubbers on 8 Jul 2022
According to the help for "more", pressing "q" should stop the pager. It doesn't always work, when paging through:
more on
Tvarns = array2table( randi(100,200,2) , ...
'VariableNames',{'PROJECT' 'VARIANT' })
rowfun( @(x) size(x,1), ...
unique( Tvarns(:,{'PROJECT' 'VARIANT'}) ) , ...
'Grouping','PROJECT' , 'Input','VARIANT' )
% Input can be any column, since we just take size(x,1)
In Matlab 2019a, is there anything that one can do to break the paging?
Jon Lubbers
Jon Lubbers on 8 Jul 2022
I have the same problem. "Q", ctrl+c, and the space bar all perform the same function. No key can end it. The only way is to page through to the end of the array, or kill Matlab completely.

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