What is the best way to have easy available settings for a MATLAB toolchain

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Andreas Nord
Andreas Nord on 8 Mar 2021
I have a sizeable toolchain in MATLAB which is run with some settings, currently defined in a static class that is on the MATLAB path.
I want to change these settings depending on the environment it's running on (for example local vs cluster).
I don't want to have to pass some boolean like 'isCluster' to each function because of how deeply nested the functions are.
Would it be a good idea to initialize a global instance of the settings class in the main script, something like:
global settings = SettingsClass(isCluster)
which would then be accesible everywhere, or is this a risky pattern? Any good suggestions are welcome!

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Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni
Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni on 11 Mar 2021
You can try typing "matlab -help" or "matlab -h" in your command prompt and it will show list of startup flags , there is a specific startup flag '-r' to which you can pass matlab command , which Start MATLAB and execute the MATLAB_command.
You can also follow the below link where user tries change priorty by changing settings in a file inside matlabroot directory using start command
hope it helps,

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