Error while running ICA

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Rabia Dilawar
Rabia Dilawar on 5 Mar 2021
I am having an error while running ICA, let me share the screen short so so you can have an idea. error is saying that install MPI, though i already installed MPI but nothing is working out. I am also running the Amica through GUI but its not working too. kindly help me finding the solution.
your help would be highly appereciated.

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Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni
Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni on 9 Mar 2021
You can try using mpilibconf function to locate the path of MPI library if it is installed . Try using
doc mpilibconf
to get the documentation mpilibconf
and if library is not installed you can try installing your own MPI library online.
you can change the system path would be to specify the full path to your MPI library in the mpiLibConf.m file itself. For example:
function [lib, extras] = mpiLibConf
lib = '/path/to/my/';//path to your MPI library goes here
extras = {};
hope it helps,


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