How to make 2 gui sharing the same handles structure

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I am pretty happy with my way to build up GUI with matlab except that I would like have the possibility to not have "one thousand" edit boxes, or else, impeding my camera display for instance: have to reduce the size of my display for including edit boxes; and in general it is something I would like to do for other hardware control: one window/figure per hardware.
What I would like is to be able, by a pushbutton for exemple, to open an other window which contains a bunch of parameters to set. I can either let it open while it is still updating my main GUI and these values can be initialised from the main too.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Accepted Answer

Allen on 1 Mar 2021
If you are using GUIDE to build your applications, then my suggestion would be to create a separate "Parameters" GUI application that opens with the callback for the push-button. You can pass the handles variable and/or just the necessary separate variables input the opening function of the "Parameters" application. After completing your adjustments to the parameters, then you can pass the necessary variables back to the main GUI with a push-button or closing function callback.
If you are using App Designer this becomes a bit more straight forward and can be accomplished by using the tab-panel object and placing your parameter edit boxes on their own tab window.
Tutu on 22 Mar 2021
Thank you for the link. I think I can work that out.

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