How to format a matlab program to be useable by the application compiler?

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I want to move one of my existing programs and turn it into a standalone executable, but I'm unsure how to approach this. I am using the application compiler, but my question is, does the program need to be operated through a GUI interface?

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Allen on 1 Mar 2021
It depending on how your code is written and your intentions for using it as an executable. Mostly likely you will need to have some form of GUI interface. For example a file selection/browser window or an input dialog window.

RonE on 2 Apr 2021
No you don't need a GUI. Mathworks has their 'magicsquare' example on several different pages, such as here:
The application is built from a single function. The user runs it by running the executable, by typing 'magicsquare 5' for example from a Windows command prompt.


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