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How to use matlab function output variable as a simscape block input variable?

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Hi! I made a matlab function which delivers an output variable "cp". I'm trying to use this output variable as an input variable for a simscape block (Thermal Mass). Is there a way to do this? Can I just write "cp" in the input parameters of the thermal mass block or is there a way to add an extra input to the thermal mass block so that I can connect it with the output of the Matlab function? It is important that the thermal mass block reveives the input from the matlab function during the running of the simulation.

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy am 25 Feb. 2021
Hi Youri,
You need to create a custom thermal mass where cp is no longer a parameter but an input.
Once you have created this ssc file, the output of the function is connected to the thermal mass input through a Simulink-PS Converter.
Let me know if you need more help.
Regards Juan


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