Simscape interface with Simulink

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Don Brohaugh
Don Brohaugh am 24 Feb. 2021
Kommentiert: Don Brohaugh am 25 Feb. 2021
I am trying to use a Simscape spring between the R port of a hydraulic cylinder (representing ins movement of the rod) and a movable Simulink frame, whose position is in inches, with a force sensor to measure the spring force, with refernce to the bottom end of the spring, top end connected to the cylindeer rod. See attached slx file .
The top sketch shows the spring bottom reference to Simscape mechanical ground or zero position. Works fine.
When I try to connect the C port of the force sensor block to some representation of the frame position in Simulink, I am lost.
Can you help me connect the Simulink frame position as a reference to the force sensor port C?
Thank you.
Don Brohaugh

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy am 25 Feb. 2021
Hi Don
You can only connect physical inputs or outputs in Simscape to Simulink signals (through S-PS or PS-S Converters). C is a physical port so it can’t be linked to a Simulink signal.
Good luck / Juan

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