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How I can change the color of a small part of a white border around an image?

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Hi everyone!
I have a stimulus which is a mosaic of image (a matrix of 4*7). I created a white border around the image, But I want to change the color of border into black only in the middle bottom of the border. This postion is where the participant seat in front of the image projecting on the wall, so this part of the border must be in black to hide the shaddow of the participant.
I would be thankful if any body could let me know if this can basically be done? and how?
An example of the stimulus is attached for better clarification.
Parishad Bromandnia
Parishad Bromandnia on 22 Feb 2021
@KALYAN ACHARJYA, Exactly, I meant that. I just do not know how to make that particular area black. Please find the original stimulus attached, You can directly read it in MATLAB: Please let me know of potential solution.

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Accepted Answer

KALYAN ACHARJYA on 22 Feb 2021
% I have directly set here, it can be generalized
th=300; % Find the coloumns of the cat image
Parishad Bromandnia
Parishad Bromandnia on 22 Feb 2021
@KALYAN ACHARJYA, Right, it was my first question and maybe I could not be clear enough :)
Anyway the code is exactly what I needed.
Thanks again :)
All the best,

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