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Plotting 3D graph of x,y,z with several variables

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Pamu on 2 May 2013
Hi, I want to plot the 3D plot, where x,y and z are function of several variables. as an example,
x =sin(a1)*sin(a2)+100*cos(a1); y= con(a1)*cos(a2); z=sin(a1)*sin(a2)*cos(a2)+50; where a1,a2, are angles and know the range of those.Also It is difficulty to get z as a function of x and y, ie z=f(x,y) cannot solve.
How I get the plot of x,y and z. what is the function in matlab? If any body knows this. pls. give a quick feedback, this is very urgent to me. Please.
Thank You


Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 2 May 2013
It would look at the documentation for surf() and meshgrid(). In particular, look at the Example in the documentation for meshgrid().
doc surf
doc meshgrid

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Seyhan Emre Gorucu
Seyhan Emre Gorucu on 2 May 2013
google scatter3. It might help.


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