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add elements to an existing vector

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Locks am 1 Mai 2013
I have a vector where I would like to add 5 NaN at the beginning. When I am doing it for one NaN, it's working fine, but not for five
This code worked fine:
lastDelta = [NaN;delta(1:end-1)];
and creates me a new vector that consists of one NaN and all the element of the existing vector delta except the last one
however, this code here is not working:
lastDelta = [NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;delta(1:end-5)];
Has anybode an idea what I am missing?

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Lam am 1 Mai 2013
You mean adding or replacing?
This works for me:
delta = [1;2;3]
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Locks am 1 Mai 2013
I am looking for a way to create a new vector that contains 5 NaN and then all the elemets from vector delta, except for the last 5, due to the fact that both vectors should have the same length

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou am 1 Mai 2013
hi, try this :
R=rand(1,10); % initial vector
New=[add R];
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Locks am 1 Mai 2013
it's working now, one of the series had just not enough elements, thanks

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