Plots: Designing and Saving

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Philip on 14 May 2011
How can I include code in my M-File that builds a plot of my data with the following properties:
  • grid on
  • a vertical line at data point 10 running from the min to max y limits
  • title
  • xlabel and ylabels
I then want to be able to save this plot as an image with something like:
saveas(graph, 'graph.tiff');
Many thanks for any help you are able to give me!

Accepted Answer

R Strange
R Strange on 14 May 2011
clc clear all clf
xLimits = [10 10]; %Set x limits here
yLimits = [-10 10]; %Set y limits here
figL = line(xLimits, yLimits);
grid on %Turns major x and y grids on for plot
title('Put Title here') %Title Placement
xlabel('Put X Axis Label here') %x-axis label
ylabel('Put Y axis Label Here') %y-axis label
hold off
hfig = (gcf); %get plot handle
saveas(hfig, 'myGraphImage.tiff') %saves plot as an image in your current workspace dir
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Philip on 14 May 2011
Thanks so much! I was struggling to find how to save the figure; and it seems 'gcf' was all I needed... Thanks again!

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Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 14 May 2011
help grid
help ylim %use this to get y limits so you can plot ( [10 10], [ymin ymax] )
help title
help xlabel
help ylabel
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Philip on 14 May 2011
Thanks for your help! I've learnt a lot from these help files!

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