How do I add a 2D Plot along with a surface or mesh plot in MATLAB?

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I would like to have a 2D plot along with a 3D surface or mesh plot - shown by the blue line I drew on the surface plot below. How do I get it?

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor am 1 Mai 2013
Does this get you started?
% create figure
% Generate data to make a surface
x = -1:0.1:1;
y = -1:0.1:1;
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);
Z = X.^2 + Y.^2 - 1;
% visualize 3D surface
% Generate data to make line plot in plane z = minimumZValue
minimumZValue = min(Z(:));
t0 = linspace(0,2*pi);
x0 = .8*cos(t0);
y0 = .8*sin(t0);
% visualize line plot
% Generate data to make line plot in plane x = minimumXValue
minimumXValue = min(X(:));
y00 = linspace(min(Y(:)),max(Y(:)));
% will be shifted to make z = minimumZValue the new z = 0
z00 = exp(-5*y00.^2);
z00 = z00 + minimumZValue; % comment this out to see effect
grid on
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Bharath Lohray
Bharath Lohray am 1 Mai 2013
Hi, It works on being rotated as well - unless the answer got edited after your comment.
I got it to work, but My data had two different ranges. This shrinks my plot to a ceiling surface. Is there a way to plot with 2 Y axis? The continuing

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