Port Dimensions Error in S-Function

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Hugo Pontes
Hugo Pontes on 10 Feb 2021
Edited: Hugo Pontes on 10 Feb 2021
I'm trying to make an S-function that will perform the element wise multiplication of two vectors, in fact, I want to replicate the "Product" block with an S-Function.
I'm trying to start simple so my code doesn't feature matrix multiplication yet, since I think that that part will be quite trivial once I get the port dimensions working.
I'm getting the following error when I try to use a size 4 vector and a size 1 vector:
Error in port widths or dimensions. Output port 1 of 'untitled/Constant1' is a one dimensional vector with 1 elements.
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error
Error in port widths or dimensions. Input port 2 of 'untitled/S-Function7' is a one dimensional vector with 4 elements.
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error
I want the input and output ports to be dynamically sized so that I can input a vector of any size that will be multiplied by a vector of the same size or size 1.
As a result my code is as follows:
static void mdlInitializeSizes(SimStruct *S)
ssSetNumSFcnParams( S, 0); /*number of input arguments*/
if (!ssSetNumInputPorts(S, 2)) return;
ssSetInputPortWidth(S, 0, DYNAMICALLY_SIZED);
ssSetInputPortWidth(S, 1, DYNAMICALLY_SIZED);
ssSetInputPortDirectFeedThrough(S, 0, 1);
ssSetInputPortDirectFeedThrough(S, 1, 1);
if (!ssSetNumOutputPorts(S,1)) return;
ssSetOutputPortWidth(S, 0, DYNAMICALLY_SIZED);
ssSetNumSampleTimes( S, 1);
static void mdlInitializeSampleTimes(SimStruct *S)
ssSetOffsetTime(S, 0, 0.0);
static void mdlOutputs(SimStruct *S, int_T tid)
real_T *y = ssGetOutputPortRealSignal(S,0);
*y = 5; /* %This is of course just a placeholder for the algorithm I'll be using'
Only the mdlInitializeSizes(SimStruct *S) executes before I get an error but I don't understand why. In the model, when I run it, the second input port of the S-function, is expecting a size 4 vector as input when I'm giving it a size 1 vector. But why is it expecting so? Thanks in advance for any help

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