How can we find the width in an image at any three positions.

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Aishwarya Sanaka
Aishwarya Sanaka am 3 Feb. 2021
I am unable to find the width between the black boundary. How can I find the width at any position between the boundary. Kindly guide.

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weikang zhao
weikang zhao am 4 Feb. 2021
If you only have one figure to process, use edge() to detect the edge of the figure, then manually find the edge and use linear regression. If you have many figures to process, a line detection algorithm(such as hough transform) may be helpful.
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Aishwarya Sanaka
Aishwarya Sanaka am 4 Feb. 2021
Thank You for the suggestion, I have a folder of images to process hence will use the line detection algorithm.

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