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delete rows based on whether the value in column 10 of the respective row is equal to one or not

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I tried to solve the problem described above with the following formula:
rowsToDelete8 = dataset(:,10)==1;
dataX(rowsToDelete8, :) = [];
where dataset is double and the 10th column is either 1 or 0
While doing this, I get the following error message:
Index of element to remove exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in deleteSeriesWithOnlyFourElements (line 67)
dataX(rowsToDelete8, :) = [];
I do not really understand why it's not working

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 24 Apr. 2013
rowsToDelete8 was based on looking at dataset, not dataX, but then you try to use it in dataX, which is evidently not the same size as dataset.
Also, don't use "delete" as the name of a variable like you did in "dataset=[dataset,delete];"

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