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N*N matrix plot

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Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar am 1 Feb. 2021
Kommentiert: weikang zhao am 2 Feb. 2021
Dear Friends,
I have 512*512 matrix from obtained from a CCD camera.
The CCD gives an image of X and Y pixel numbers versus intensity. This intensity is a 512*512 matrix.
I want to reproduce this image in matlab for further processing.
Could any expert here guide me in doing this.
I have attahced the image that has to be ontained and the ascii file.
Awaiting your kind reply.

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weikang zhao
weikang zhao am 2 Feb. 2021
use image() function
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Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar am 2 Feb. 2021
Hi Weikang,
Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this. But the data is huge and matlab gives me an error that it is unable to load the data. Could you elaborate more on this. Becayse i 'd be doing some image processing also.
weikang zhao
weikang zhao am 2 Feb. 2021
give me more information about your code, the error massage and the CCD image file. If it is not convenient to provide them in the community, email me.

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