How to record/run the result 100 times?

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Haya Ali
Haya Ali am 25 Jan. 2021
Bearbeitet: Haya Ali am 26 Mai 2021
I need to record the error array 100 times (i.e. Errorx11_nz, Errory11_nz, Errorx21_nz, Errory21_nz). Then, I need to take their average and finally plot one figure using only the average result. Please help me, how can I record the error arrays hundered times?
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David Hill
David Hill am 25 Jan. 2021
Very confusing explanation. If you explained how you are generating your data it would be very helpful.

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waqas am 25 Jan. 2021
May be knowing what OMEGA is would help us understanding what the code is doing.
From current code, you can implement a second for loop which would run 100 times outside following loop.
for t= 1:100
count = 0;
for N_m=3:16
%YOUR CODE HERE which is in the for loop already
Errorx11_nz(t,count) = % expression that you have
%use the same for other errors that you have mentioned in the post

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