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Vehicle suspension design problem in simscape

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Parag Bendre
Parag Bendre am 21 Jan. 2021
Beantwortet: Neelanshu am 9 Mai 2024
I am trying to design the model of suspension in simsape. the rough drawing of suspension is attached. I tried to develope simscape model for the same and capture the force at the spring but not getting exected results from the model. input is 100mm step input from road. the input replicated the 100mm wheel travel while passing any bump.
Fig.1: actual suspension system rough drawing for reference
Fig.2: Simscape model for the suspension system
Input from input scope:

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Neelanshu am 9 Mai 2024
Hi Parag,
The reason why the output of the force sensor block is similar to the input force is because "Ideal Force Sensor" block should be connected in series with the block where you want to measure the force.
In the simscape model the sensor is parallel to both the spring systems. Force is a through variable and connecting the sensor in parallel affects the simulation result because it is analogous to adding bypass connection line between the points.
Here is the obtained output for the above simscape model :
You may refer to the following documentation to learn more about "Ideal Force Sensor" block:
Hope this helps.


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