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How to accumulate values into a variable using for loops?

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NH on 16 Apr 2013
I have an array that contains 1597 values. Let's call that X. I want to create a second array, Y, that should act as the following:
Y(1) = (X(1) + X(2))/(constant)
Y(2) = (X(2) + X(3))/(constant) + Y(1)
Y(3) = (X(3) + X(4))/(constant) + Y(2)
Y(4) = (X(4) + X(5))/(constant) + Y(3)
..and so on, until the last one:
Y(1596) = (X(1596) + X(1597))/(const) + Y(1595)
My code, which does not return an error, but also does not produce the correct values for Y, is as follows:
Y = zeros(1,length(X)-1);
Y(1) = (X(1)+X(2))/(constant);
i = 1:length(X);
for c = 1:length(X)-2
Y(c+1) = (X(c+1)+X(c+2))/(constant) + Y(i(c));
As stated above, the results I'm getting are not accurate (I'm comparing with results obtained through Excel, which are definitely correct). If anyone can please tell me where I'm going wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. If this description isn't clear enough, please let me know and I will try to clarify. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Yao Li
Yao Li on 16 Apr 2013
Edited: Yao Li on 16 Apr 2013
Y(c+1) = (X(c+1)+X(c+2))/(constant) + Y(c);
Also, actually, you don't need the parameter i.
NH on 16 Apr 2013
Problem solved. Careless mistake: started reading original values at wrong point, causing a slight offset. Thanks for your help and patience.

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