Parameter sweep using simscape

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Joshua W R Meggitt
Joshua W R Meggitt am 8 Jan. 2021
I am trying to use Simscape to model the simple cross-over filter below.
Using the linearisation tool box I am able to extract its state-space representation and plot its transfer function. I would like to run a parameter sweep where I vary the inductance of Ind1.
I have managed to get this working, but the simulation has to recompile everytime it is linearised. When I use the fastRestartForLinearAnalysis( ) function (taken fropm the example in the model no longer recompiles with each iteration, but the variable L_LP doesnt seem to get updated anymore... How can I avoid recompiling the model everytime, whilst still varying parameter values?
The main peice of code I am using is given below.
L_LP = 1e-3;
% fastRestartForLinearAnalysis(mdl,'on')
for n = 1:100
L_LP = L_LP + 0.0001 ; % Value of an inductor in circuit
% Simulink.Block.eval('test1/Ind1')
linsys = linearize(mdl,io);
[magLP(n,:), phaseLP(n,:)] = bode(linsys(1),w);
% fastRestartForLinearAnalysis(mdl,'off');

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy am 12 Jan. 2021
Hi Joshua
Is the inductance parameter set as Run-time in the Simscape component? By default it is not, so maybe you can check this and test out.
Regards / Juan
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Joshua W R Meggitt
Joshua W R Meggitt am 12 Jan. 2021
Hi Juan,
Thanks for the suggestion. I wasnt aware of run-time parameters in simscape, they certainty look relevent.
Unfortuantely, after setting the inductance parameter to run-time, I am having the same issue. With each iteration the inductance variable updates in the workspace, but when I linearise the model nothing seems to change. Where as if i recompile between lineartisations I get the expected spread of bode plots.
Any other suggestions would be welcome!

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