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[SOLVED]: I'm getting the error "Array dimensions must match"

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But I have trouble understanding the accepted answer.
I am trying to perform element wise multiplication of 2 matrices.
This is the error I am getting:
Array dimensions must match for binary array op.
Error in Simplifed_pcnn>local_pcnn (line 22)
U = F.*(ones(sz) + Beta.* L);
Error in Simplifed_pcnn (line 2)
K = local_pcnn(A);
Here is the code I used, it is for PCNN based image segmentation. The operation is performed Num times, that is why for loop is used :
S = imread('cucumber_hsv.jpg');
K = local_pcnn(A);
function Y = local_pcnn(S)
lambda = 0.9;
V_T = 100.0;
Num = 100;
W = [0.5 1 0.5;1 0 1;0.5 1 0.5];
m = size(S);
sz = m(:,1:2);
Beta = zeros(sz) + 0.1;
F = zeros(sz);
L = F;
Y = F;
U = F;
T = ones(sz);
S = im2double(S);
for n = 1:Num
F = S;
L = conv2(Y, W);
U = F.*(ones(sz) + Beta.* L);
Y = double(U>T);
T = lambda * T + V_T * Y;
Beta, F and U are of the same size, but I am getting an error. I am unable to figure out the reason for the error.


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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 7 Jan 2021
I recommend that you use the debugger to investigate. Specifically, set a breakpoint at the line
U = F.*(ones(sz) + Beta.* L);
and you will see that L is actually the culprit. (At least it was for an image I tried.)
It has two additional columns, compared to the other variables.


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