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Using chaotic sequence to generate random numbers

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I am using steganography to hide a text data behind an image. While embedding, I want to implement chaotic randoom sequence to select the pixels.
So I need a matlab code that generates a chaotic random sequence at the senders end and also a code to regenerate the same random sequence at the receivers end.
Thanks a lot in advance.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Dec 2020
What statistical difference is there between what randi() generates and what the chaotic random sequence would generate? Are you effectively just making it harder to figure out what seed was used in that there are algorithms that can figure out what the initial seed was for rand given enough data points?
Gottumukkala Sai
Gottumukkala Sai on 25 Dec 2020
Thank you for responding.
Yes sir as security is the primary concern, I want to implement chaotic random sequence.
If you have a code, please do help me out.
Thank you

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