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How to find the time and partial derivative?

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RoBoTBoY on 22 Dec 2020
Commented: RoBoTBoY on 22 Dec 2020
I have this:
How to represent the above in matlab in order to find the partial derivative w.r.t. q1_dot, that is the below
And after that i want to find the time derivative from the above.
Thanks in advance
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Dec 2020
syms q1(t) q2(t) l1 l2 m I
K = 1/2*m*diff(q1(t),t)^2+1/2*(m*l2^2+I)*diff(q2(t),t)^2-m*diff(q1(t),t)*l2*sin(q2)*diff(q2(t),t)
K(t) = 
syms Q1_dot
Ks = subs(K(t), diff(q1), Q1_dot)
Ks = 
dK_q1_dot = diff(Ks, Q1_dot)
dK_q1_dot = 
dK_q1_dot_dt = diff(dK_q1_dot, t)
dK_q1_dot_dt = 

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Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 22 Dec 2020
You don't really need the power of MATLAB here; elementary calculus will do:
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RoBoTBoY on 22 Dec 2020
Yes indeed, but i want the power of MATLAB to verify my maths.

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