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How can I stop the execution of a Matlab generated DLL with an external command?

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I have written a function in Matlab that takes some time to conclude computation. Most time is spent in required nested loops.
This function is converted in a DLL via Compiler SDK and is controlled with a C# front-end. I was wondering if it's even possible to:
  1. Add a "Stop" button to the C# front-end in order to communicate and stop the DLL execution.
  2. Monitor somehow the remaining computation time of the DLL in order to be shown in the front-end. It can be either a time or percentage estimation and it doesn't have to be extremely accurate.
If the features mentioned above can be supported by a Matlab generated DLL, my question is what additions are required in Matlab code to achieve them. An example answer can be based on a simple function executing a for-loop.

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Martijn am 13 Jan. 2021
Please see the following article:

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