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How to Programmatically Disable the "Tunable" Option for a Matlab Funcion Block Parameter

Asked by Greg
on 4 Apr 2013
I'm trying to use a script to build a Simulink model with a "Matlab Function Block" in it. The method here works great to make the block. I want to use Parameter inputs to load data files into the function that only need to be loaded at the begnnning of the simulation. To do this, I use "Parameter" inputs to the function. The method here works to make inputs defined in the script as Parameters. However, I need to make these parameters non-tunable in order for the model to be able to run properly, but the default is for them to be tunable. I can't find any method in the Stateflow.EMChart object for the block or the Stateflow.Data object for the parameter itself that will let me disable that option.
Anyone seen this before?


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1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 4 Apr 2013
 Accepted Answer

This should work:
set(ins, 'Scope', 'Parameter', 'Tunable', false);

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Wow, that's so simple I feel silly for not having tried it.
Would be handy if more of these parameters were visible, though! Documentation on all these underlying Simulink and Stateflow classes would be even better.

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