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I am relativitly new to MATLAB. Most of my new learnings have been learning how to write and run BASIC Functions. I downloaded this CRC32 bit function from File Exchange and I am having a hard time to run/callout the function.
I am trying to enter a HEX number and return the CRC Calculation in HEX.
function crc = crc32(data)
%crc32 Computes the CRC-32 checksum value of a byte vector.
% CRC = crc32(DATA) computes the CRC-32 checksum value of the data stored
% in vector DATA. The elements of DATA are interpreted as unsigned bytes
% (uint8). The result is an unsigned 32-bit integer (uint32). Polynomial
% bit positions have been reversed, and the algorithm modified, in order
% to improve performance.
% Version: 1.00
% Programmer: Costas Vlachos
% Date: 23-Dec-2014
% Initialize variables
crc = uint32(hex2dec('FFFFFFFF'));
poly = uint32(hex2dec('EDB88320'));
data = uint8(data);
% Compute CRC-32 value
for i = 1:length(data)
crc = bitxor(crc,uint32(data(i)));
for j = 1:8
mask = bitcmp(bitand(crc,uint32(1)));
if mask == intmax('uint32'), mask = 0; else mask = mask+1; end
crc = bitxor(bitshift(crc,-1),bitand(poly,mask));
crc = bitcmp(crc);

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 13 Dec 2020
You can only call a function if placed in the "Current Folder" or placed somewhere on the MATLAB path. You need to download this file, place it in the folder you want and then add that folder to MATLAB's path as described here:
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 14 Dec 2020
You need to call the function with an input argument. Instead of pressing the green run button, run the following in the command window
data = [1 10 2 4]; % example vector

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