how to make such type of plot in matlab? we have 4 models and each model have different depth and different velocities v1, v2.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 9 Dec 2020
when you use the plot function, it can handle multiple groups of x, y data pairs , and they don't need to be of the same length :
example : first data x,y has length 10 , second 20 :
plot ((1:10),sin((1:10)*pi/10),'b',(1:20),cos((1:20)*pi/10),'r'); grid

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weikang zhao
weikang zhao on 9 Dec 2020
I tried to restore part of the picture by visually inspecting the values. As a demonstration, two lines (model A & model LE) are provided.
Fig = figure;
hold on;
%% prepare data
model_A = [4,4.5,6,6.8,8,8.5;0,5,17,30,40,45];
model_A = kron(model_A,[1,1]);
model_A = [model_A(1,2:end);model_A(2,1:end-1)];
model_LE = [4,5,5.6,6.2,6.4,6.6,6.7,7.2;0,2,5,15,20,25,32,45];
model_LE = kron(model_LE,[1,1]);
model_LE = [model_LE(1,2:end);model_LE(2,1:end-1),];
line1 = plot(model_A(1,:),model_A(2,:),'k');
line2 = plot(model_LE(1,:),model_LE(2,:),'k','LineWidth',2);
Axes = Fig.CurrentAxes;%Get the Axes object
xlabel('Vp(km/s)');%Set x label
ylabel('depth(km)');%Set y label
legend('A','LE');%Add legend
set(Axes,'XAxisLocation','top');%Set x axis to the top
set(Axes,'YDir','reverse');%Reverse y axis
axis([4,9,0,50]);%Set axis limits and aspect ratios
have fun!

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