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How do I reinterpolate density into uniform depth values?

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Shayma Al Ali
Shayma Al Ali on 7 Dec 2020
Answered: Ashish Mishra on 11 Dec 2020
I have density values from ~245 files from hydrographic data. So each file contains a list of density values with depth. I want to reinterpolate the density values for each file to have uniform depth values so I can calculate drho/dx.

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Ashish Mishra
Ashish Mishra on 11 Dec 2020
Hi Shayma
1 . Read the data in a table using readtable. and combine them.
2 . Store the values in variables like X=A(:,1);
3. Generate new sets of X value with the help of linspace.
4. Use interp1 as well mention whch kind of interpolation you want (spline,cubic or linear), This function
will return the new set of interpolated values.
Keep on plotting values to visualize better.

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